BTS’s V Sends Park Seo Joon A Gift That Only A Close Friend Would Ever Dare To Send

His gift was hilarious!

In support of Park Seo Joon‘s latest drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, BTS‘s V sent him a coffee truck to share with his staff… but he added a special touch to his gift!


Usually, coffee trucks are bombarded with messages of support and praise for the actors… but V chose to add his own flair of praise for Park Seo Joon by calling his best friend ‘ugly’!

“It must be hard working with Park Seo joon. Just think of it as lending a hand to the ugly guy and add one more reflector to his face. Please take care of him.” — V


He also added a non-flattering photo of Park Seo Joon’s double chin, captioning him as the “neighborhood’s dumb hyung”.

“#HesActually #TheNeighborhoodDumbHyung #LoveYouHyung Produced by BTS’s V” — V


His hilarious jokes didn’t end there! V made sure to add a friendly reminder to the staff on the cup sleeves as well.

“TwaeTwae*’s buying! Please don’t forget to shine the light reflector on the ugly guy~” — V (*TwaeTwae is a play on V’s nickname ‘TaeTae (from Taehyung)’, making it sound like someone spitting)


After reading V’s hilarious gifts, Park Seo Joon uploaded the photos to his Instagram with a fun caption of his own!

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“This cute kid. Thank you and I love you.. I appreciate it and love you but you know nothing good’s going to come out of it, right? #ButIStillLoveYouTwaeTwae❤” — Park Seo Joon


BTS’s V isn’t the only one who supported Park Seo Joon with a special coffee truck. Park Hyung Sik also sent him one the day before, also vowing to send V one too!

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V, Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik continues to prove that their friendship is closer than blood!