BTS’s V Confesses That He Once Got Scammed by a Taxi Driver on His Way to Gangnam

V was on his way to BigHit Entertainment with his father right after passing his audition.

BTS recently held their MUSTER fan meeting in Seoul where V opened up about something memorable that happened when he initially went to sign his contract with BigHit Entertainment.

According to V, since he’s originally from Gyeongsang Province, he traveled all the way to Seoul with his father as soon as he passed his audition in order to sign his contract with the agency.

When he arrived at Express Bus Terminal Station in Seoul, he and his father got into a taxi to head over to BigHit Entertainment which was located in Gangnam.

That was the first time V ever got into a taxi in Seoul, and despite the distance being short, the taxi driver charged him 32,800 won (~$28 US) for the ride.

Both V and his father were so shocked that they even talked about it afterward over a meal where his father asked, “Do you remember that?” to which V replied, “That wasn’t right… But I’m sure he had his reasons.

When his fellow members heard the story, they expressed, “That’s not right. You were going from Gangnam to Gangnam.


Source: Insight and Hanguk Ilbo