BTS’s V Shows His Love For Brazilian Army By Doing This And They Can’t Handle The Feels

He’s a good boy.

BTS‘s V, at the recent Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at the Sao Paulo Allianz Parque in Brazil, showed his overflowing love for his Brazilian ARMYs by hugging the Brazilian flag tight in his arms – and it simply melted the hearts of not only the fans in Brazil, but also ARMYs worldwide.


Throughout the concert, V was spotted holding on to the Brazilian flag. He was also seen proudly holding up the flag at the audience.


Then V walked up to the camera and hugged the Brazilian flag in his arms. Because he couldn’t go hugging his fans one by one, he instead embraced the flag as a sign of the special place in his heart for his ARMY in Brazil!

Brazilian ARMYs are falling in love with this sweet and considerate gesture. They’re praising V for his pure heart and the amount of love he has for his fans!


A talented ARMY even turned the special moment into an adorable fan art. Both Brazilian and worldwide BTS fans can’t get enough of V – the sweetest boy to have entered their hearts!

V wasn’t the only BTS member to have been affectionate to the Brazilian flag and fans. Check out this video, showing all the members having the time of their lives in Sao Paulo: