BTS’s V Was So Exhausted That He Nearly Collapsed On Stage

He reached his limit during a concert in Hong Kong.

BTS‘s V struggled to stay standing after giving fans his all at a recent concert.


From March 20 to March 24, BTS performed a 4-day LOVE YOURSELF concert in Hong Kong. During this time, V was sick with a cold that afflicted him with body aches and exhaustion, but that didn’t stop him from putting on an unforgettable show every single night.


V sang his heart out…


…put all his energy into every dance move…


…and played around with his members and fans every night.


V hid his fatigue well, but by the end of BTS’s last Hong Kong concert, he had reached his limit. When BTS bowed to fans, V’s knees buckled. If Jin and RM had not been supporting either side of him, he may have fallen.


RM also braced V’s knee to help keep him upright.


BTS’s next concert isn’t until April 6, in Bangkok, so ARMYs are hoping that V will use this time to take care of his health and get the rest he needs.