BTS’s V Was Once Extremely Touched When A Popular Singer Made Him Feel Loved On His Birthday

His reaction was adorable!

Back in 2014, BTS‘s V filmed a vlog for ARMYs a day after his birthday to share how the day went. Not only did he have a great time, it more than exceeded his expectations!

He started off by excitedly explaining how his members surprised him on his birthday. It wasn’t just any other birthday party, however, because it was the best one he had ever experienced.

The members prepared a surprise birthday party for me. It was the best surprise birthday party out of all that I’ve had.

— V

He singled it out for how “awesome and touching” it was: “It was the most awesome and touching birthday party that I’ve had.

A reason why it must have been so memorable was because of a special guest! V continued by explaining how K.Will, one of the industry’s most popular ballad singers, made him feel loved.

| kwill_official/Instagram

Since both of them share the same birthday, K.Will made the extra effort to approach V that day: “There’s actually a senior that I share a birthday with. It’s K.Will.

By a stroke of luck, K.Will’s waiting room was beside theirs, so he must have heard the commotion when BTS was wishing V a happy birthday. He popped into the room and warmly asked if they could blow the candles together.

His waiting room was beside ours that time. Suddenly, he came to me and said, ‘Hey, is it your birthday today? It’s mine, too! Let’s blow the candles together!

— V

V was incredibly touched by K.Will’s open and kind attitude towards him, even telling K.Will he loves him: “I felt great, receiving a sense of love from him. K.Will, I love you.

It’s touching to know how well V was treated by a respected singer even when he was still a rookie!

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See V excitedly discuss his birthday party and fanboy over K.Will in full video below.