BTS V’s Soft Cry For Help To Let Him Out Has ARMYs Swinging Doors Wide Open

Let the good boy out!!!

On an episode of Run BTS!, with BTS exploring the infinite world of virtual reality games, ARMYs got to see how each member reacts to scary situations. In particular, fans are completely whipped for how helpless V becomes and will never, ever get over the cuteness of it all.

When it became his turn to play the horror game “White Day”, V stepped up to the challenge with courage. Unfortunately, the augmented reality of it all got to V pretty quickly and made him shrivel up like a ball.

Once he got to the mysterious room – which was already nerve wrecking with the eerie visual – V took a big gulp and went inside. He tried to rush the mission and then get out of the space as quickly as possible…

… but the door wouldn’t open! V was seemingly trapped inside this very-clearly-haunted room and he didn’t know what to do.

Panicking, V let out a smol cry for help…

Let me out… I want to get out…

— V

… and fans have gone nuts over how soft he made them feel. ARMYs can’t get enough of V’s scared and shaky voice – and are throwing themselves to open all kinds of doors to let V out as he wished!

ARMYs are absolutely in love with this episode and BTS members’ most hilarious VR experiences!

Here’s an edited version that shows V’s perspective throughout the game. It’s no wonder he was so terrified out of his mind!