BTS’s V Spent All Of His Money To Make J-Hope Happy — J-Hope’s Cause Of Happiness Is Totally Unexpected

J-Hope’s bright smile when V gave him a gift made it all worth it.

To say that the close relationship between BTS‘s and his hyung J-Hope is a friendship would be an understatement.

The truth is, the interactions between these two is the perfect representation of what having a sibling would be like.

Sometimes, the older sibling, J-Hope may love to joke around with V when he’s in the mood.

And oftentimes, he would discipline V and lay out the ground rules when he gets too comfortable with him.

But as a younger brother, V would always like to see his hyung happy.

That’s why when he heard from J-Hope that he has never seen a flamingo before, V wanted to try out his luck to get him a flamingo-stuffed toy.

On his first try, V wasn’t fortunate enough to hit the target…

…which was thirty points.

After trying for several times and spending almost all of his money, V successfully won the flamingo stuffed toy for J-Hope.

Perhaps V figured that it would be difficult to show a live flamingo to J-Hope, so he tried his best in winning a stuffed toy for him?

When he came back from his apartment, V gave the flamingo plushie to J-Hope who immediately flashed a bright smile after receiving his gift. J-Hope’s expressions can be read on his face, and you can see how amazed he was with the flamingo stuffed toy. V looked a bit shy…

…but you can see how proud he was of himself because he was able to make his hyung happy. He may have spent 20 euros (₩27,096.48) to win it, but he knows that he couldn’t put a price tag on his hyung‘s happiness, right?