BTS V Spotted With Hella Long Hair Suddenly (9 Photos) 

BTS V has recently started sporting a longer hairstyle.

Everyone is falling in love with BTS V as he emerged with a slightly longer hairstyle. 


He’s already known for his visuals as a group but it seems like V can pull off just about any style given to him.


And there’s proof! This may be the longest hairstyle he’s ever had!


The hairstyle, which fans have been calling as a mullet, is a style that is short at the front and long in the back. 


His bangs have also grown past his eyes, making others wonder what kind of hairstyle he’s planning on next!


V’s recent airport and public appearances showed exactly that with a slight hint of a messy fringe. 


But no one can deny whether he’s all-natural for the airport…


…or styled up for the BBMAs, V’s hair looks devilishly handsome!


Not a lot of artists can pull off a mullet but for some reason V managed to do just so!