When BTS’s Suga Runs Out Of Batteries, V Knows Exactly What To Do

Watch him “recharge” Suga in a brand new advertisement.

There are two kinds of people: Energizer Bunnies, who can “keep going, and going”…

…and Suga.

Lil Meow Meow needs plenty of sleep, and if he doesn’t get it, he doesn’t function. Like ARMY’s phones after a Run BTS! binge, his battery drains to 0%.

On April 14, Bodyfriend massage chairs uploaded three new CFs starring ARMY’s seven favorite stars. In one video, Suga reaches for a bottle of water, but it’s too far and he’s too tired.

Enter V, who finds Suga on the brink of expiration.

Luckily, V knows just what to do! Like a K-Drama hero, he carries Suga to a Bodyfriend massage chair, aka Suga’s charger.

Crisis averted!

BTS has endorsed many products, but this one was practically made for their sleepiest member. Suga x Massage Chairs? That’s an OTP we can all ship!

Watch the commercial here: