BTS’s V Tried To Do Something Nice For Suga, But It Totally Backfired

The moral of this story is ‘don’t try to be thoughtful’.

BTS‘s V loves his members dearly, and he shows it through his thoughtfulness whenever he finds the opportunity. Sometimes though, things just don’t go as planned!


In RM‘s recent “Rklive”, V was even more affectionate than usual. He visited RM and Jimin over and over again to receive their love and attention!


After expressing how much he misses BTS even after just 10 seconds, he told a funny story about himself and Suga.


V, having heard that Suga likes wine, decided to buy him some. He left a message about the wine in BTS’s group chat, but Suga didn’t respond.


So, V sent out a photo of the wine with a more direct message: “This wine is for Suga”. There was still no reply, at least not from Suga.


Jin was more than happy to swoop in on V’s gift!


V said, in a grumpy imitation of Suga’s voice, that Suga eventually responded with, “Sorry, I forgot to reply”.


According to RM, the moral of this story is “don’t try to be thoughtful”. Lesson learned!