BTS’s V Leaves Supportive Comment for a Nervous Fan Who Couldn’t Sleep Ahead of Their Job Interview

V even typed the comment using his signature Gyeongsang Province dialect.

A fan of BTS recently shared a post on Weverse expressing their nervous ahead of their upcoming job interview.

The post reads, “It’s the middle of the night right now, but I can’t fall asleep. It’s been a month since I’ve gotten fired, and I have an interview to go to tomorrow… I’m so nervous and stressed that I can’t fall asleep…

The fan was so nervous that they decided to vent on the online community, and surprisingly enough, BTS’s V saw the post and commented on it himself.

He comforted the fan by writing, “Don’t worry. Since something bad already happened, something good will happen soon. Congratulations in advance.

What made the response even cuter was the fact that V typed the comment using his signature Gyeongsang Province dialect.

Considering how sweet V’s comment was, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the fan’s stress and worry turned into excitement ahead of their important event.

Source: Insight