2 Photos Of Surfer V To Bless Your Day

Brought to you by Jungkook.

BTS‘s V has many iconic looks. Among them, there’s one that fans can’t seem to forget about.


From BTS’s 2018 Summer Package in Saipan, Jungkook snapped stunning photos of a blond V looking like a complete surfer with an artfully tousled mullet and playful facial expression.

The fake butterfly tattoo on his hand, the clear sunglasses, and the headband only make the entire look that much more iconic. That’s not even including the fitting necklace and t-shirt.

On top of that, the photos were captured by none other than ace photographer Jungkook.

V may not be rocking another mullet any time soon, especially at the beach. At least there are these iconic photos to keep everyone satisfied until then.