BTS’s V And Thai Actor “Off” Jumpol Adulkittiporn Wore The Same Dazzling Designer Top, But Slayed In Completely Different Ways

They both looked stunning!

K-Pop idols and other celebrities often rock the same outfit due to specific labels and styles trending at any given time or their partnerships with designer brands. At the same time, an idol’s personality and style change how the outfit looks on them.

This was definitely the case with BTS‘s and Thai actor and model “Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn.

BTS’s V | Vogue Korea
“Off” Jumpol Adulkittiporn | @tumcial/Instagram

Off is known for appearing in several BL (boy love) dramas, most famously playing Khai alongside “GunAtthaphan Phunsawat in Theory of Love. He has also starred in other series like Not/Me and Astrophile.


Both stars wore the golden embroidered turtleneck by CELINE from its Fall/Winter 2022 Runway Collection. The top features gold sequins, catching the light from every angle, and was also available in silver.

| Cesar Buitrago/WWD
| Cesar Buitrago/WWD

Off wore the look for his Elle Thailand digital cover for the October 2022 edition. He toned down the turtleneck by layering a flannel shirt and jacket on top, using the top almost like a necklace.

| Elle Thailand
| Elle Thailand

The look was completed with a pair of denim jeans and pointed boots.

| Elle Thailand
| Elle Thailand

V took a different direction than Off with his styling, going full sparkle for his “Love Me Again” music video. He wore two different sequin shirts, a red sleeveless one…

…and the golden CELINE turtleneck. The music video was set against a dreary, dark background, and this look only made V stand out even more!

Both of these stars rocked the look, but do you have a version you prefer? You can check out more about V’s MV looks below.

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Same Fit, Different Vibes