BTS’s V Thinks Of ARMYs As Close Friends And Doesn’t Want To Keep A Distance

His love for ARMYs is so precious!

Recently, BTS made an appearance on SBS’s Eight O’Clock News and revealed their thoughts on topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eight weeks in a row. Their song, “Butter” stayed at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven weeks before passing it on to their song, “Permission to Dance.”

| tenasia

When asked about the interaction with fans through Weverse and what it means for them, V’s answer touched fans’ hearts all over the world.

I didn’t want to keep a distance from ARMY. I communicate and interact with them as if they were my close friends. Fans will leave messages on Weverse about things that are hard to talk about or about daily life and while reading them I realized that ARMYs tell us all these things so why can’t I? So after reading those letters, I started to open up and share my daily life and thoughts to the fans. 

⁠— V

And we as ARMYs are so thankful and happy that he is comfortable enough to share parts of his life with us!