BTS’s V Reveals His “I’m on Vacation” Face, Still Looking Dreamy as Ever

V’s face has no “off day”.

Despite currently being on vacation, BTS‘s V recently updated fans with a video of himself on BTS’s official Twitter account.

In the shared video, V makes all his fans’ hearts flutter with his outstanding visuals by showing off all sorts of facial expressions.

From the looks of it, V was dressed in his comfortable clothes with very minimal if any makeup on his face, but he still managed to look like an absolute god.

It’s as if it really doesn’t matter where V is or what he’s doing to look as handsome as he does.

Ahead of this post, BigHit Entertainment announced, “The time off will allow the BTS members, who have worked nonstop since their debut, to return with new things for their fans as musicians and creators.

Following their time off, BTS is set to return in October for concerts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Seoul, Korea.

Source: Dispatch