BTS’s V Transforms into a Martial Arts Cartoon Character Just by Pulling off This One Accessory

V’s handsome face completed yet another hard-to-pull-off look.

BTS recently performed in Osaka, Japan for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour where the entire group lit up the stage with their various hit songs.

As usual, each member stood out with their individual styles and fashion choices, but it was V who particularly stood out due to this one accessory.

During one of the performances, V appeared wearing an all-black outfit and a black headband to match.

The fact that V could even pull off the headband in the first place was impressive, and on top of that, the headband made his t-zone stand out even more, which highlighted his handsome eyebrows and high nose bridge.

With his charismatic facial expressions added on top, V looked just like a martial arts cartoon character who only recently popped out of a comic book.

Once again, as he does with almost every outfit, V proved that his face is indeed what completes all of the unique looks he somehow manages to pull off every single time.


Source: Insight