BTS’s V Spotted Showing Concern for Their Juniors, TXT During the Ending of M Countdown

V is such an amazing Hyung.

On a recent broadcast of Mnet’s M Countdown, BTS‘s “Boy With Luv” and Super Junior‘s Danger were voted as the two nominees to take first place.

During the reveal of the final winner, BTS stood next to the host and waited for him to announce who came in first place.

But at this moment, V leaned over to Jin and whispered something in his ear which elicited a great deal of curiosity among viewers.

After hearing what V had to say, Jin looked behind him and made hand gestures to tell someone to come closer.

The ones that approached in response to his gesture were BTS’s juniors, TXT.

TXT appeared to have been pushed back behind all of their seniors because they were in the corner where the cameras couldn’t see them.

As a result of V’s concern, they were repositioned to stand right behind BTS during the announcement.

Thanks to their caring “hyungs” TXT ended up being well-captured on camera and the final shots go to show that BTS are amazing “hyungs” indeed.

On this day, BTS ultimately took first place and shared, “This is our last week of broadcast. We felt really powered up thanks to all of you. Thank you ARMY’s for making it lots of fun.

Source: Dispatch


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