BTS V’s Unexpected Role Model For “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” Era

It’s not a musician or a K-Pop star.

In the recent release of the enlightening book “Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS,” member V makes a surprising revelation about his inspirational figure during the creation of their beloved album series The Most Beautiful Moment in Life. To the surprise of many ARMYs, it wasn’t a musician or a K-Pop star but a renowned British actor.

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V has always been known for his enigmatic stage presence, a blend of commanding charisma and a delicate vulnerability that sets him apart. He has often described the importance of creating connections, not just with his bandmates and fans, but with the world around him as a way to grow artistically. It is this deep connection that has undoubtedly contributed to his multidimensional character both on and off stage.

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As stated on the book and later confirmed by V himself, when acting in music videos and performing onstage during these album releases, the BTS superstar channeled Colin Firth.

At that time, Colin Firth was my role model.

— BTS’s V

Colin Firth, known for his roles in films such as The King’s Speech and Pride and Prejudice, has long been admired for his magnetic charm and expressive acting prowess. For V to have found inspiration in Firth’s work indicates the depth of his approach to artistic expression, as well as his determination to his craft.

Firth as Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy in “Pride & Prejudice.” | StudioCanal

It’s intriguing to consider how V might have incorporated elements of Firth’s style into his performances during The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era. Firth’s characters often exude a quiet strength and an aura of captivating complexity, traits mirrored by V in this series.

I liked his vibe so much, and I wanted to give off that vibe myself.

— BTS’s V

V in “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”| BIGHIT MUSIC

Reflecting on the “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” era, it is not hard to see why V might have sought to emulate Firth’s vibe. This period of BTS’s music is characterized by narratives of growth, self-discovery, and navigating the turbulence of youth – themes that align well with the nuanced, complex characters Firth is often seen portraying.

V in “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”| BIGHIT MUSIC

Firth’s characters encapsulate an intriguing balance of strength and vulnerability, a sense of quiet intensity, all underpinned by a compelling charm that makes his performances deeply resonant. Similarly, V, during this phase, might have aimed to project a similar depth and complexity, to convey the bittersweet emotions associated with the struggle between hope and despair.

I believed he was a person who’d had no choice but to become ‘evil.’ If there was such a thing as good and evil, he was a person whose situation meant he suddenly switched from good to evil. And so, when I look at the character, I just feel sad for him.

— V talking about his character in the album series

V in “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”| BIGHIT MUSIC

Furthermore, V choosing a renowned Hollywood actor as his role model and then proceeding to diligently work hard to channel him shows just how committed the star is to his craft. Even more so at a tender age, as he was only 20 years old when The Most Beautiful Moment in Life was released. Rather than sticking to the familiar or following an easy path, V sought inspiration from an unexpected source and worked assiduously to translate that influence into his performances for BTS.

V in “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”| BIGHIT MUSIC

As fans, it allows us to appreciate even more the hard work behind the mesmerizing performances that BTS is known for, reminding us of the relentless passion and tireless efforts that go into every second of their music videos, concerts, and other recordings.