BTS’s V Is Hooked On This New Trend And You’ll Soon Be Following It Too

He’s gone to great lengths to master this new trend!

BTS‘s V has recently been spotted setting the trend for a new wave that all fashion-forward fans should be aware of!


He’s been hooked on this specific design, as fans spotted him wearing it on multiple occasions!


It’s none other than vintage accessories!


V was seen wearing earrings, rings and accessories that feature bold and vibrant colors.


Although they seem like vintage-themed accessories from luxury brands, fans discovered that V personally sought out vintage stores to find these small treasures!


During his recent trips to America, he visited multiple vintage stores on a scavenger hunt for some of these hidden treasures.


And he’s been hooked on them so much that he’s shown them off at press conferences, concerts, award ceremonies, and more!


Needless to say, he make them look like a million bucks! Will you be following V’s latest fashion trend?

Source: Nate Pann