A Reporter Can’t Stop Gushing About BTS V’s Visuals At The VIP “Broker” Premiere

Let the fanboying begin!

BTS‘s recently stunned fans with his dazzling looks at a film premiere, but they aren’t the only ones he charmed!


Last week, V returned from BTS’s trip to The White House early to attend the VIP premiere for BrokerBroker, a film about found families and baby boxes, stars an ensemble, all-star cast, including V’s friend, actor Kang Dong Won.

I look forward to watching it.

— V

As expected, dozens of flashing cameras heralded V’s arrival. Reporters flocked to capture V’s striking visuals and top model poses ahead of the Broker screening.

One attendee, in particular, just can’t stop raving about V’s “world class” handsomeness. In a YouTube video, he compared V’s looks to that of an ancient Greek hero or god.

This person is an ancient Greek myth. He has the atmosphere of the Temple of Achilles.

— Reporter

In fact, according to this reporter, V looks more mixed-race than Korean in person, which only adds to his mystique.

If you look at this person’s face, it feels like he’s a mixed race. If you see mixed-race faces in person, there are a lot of people who look mysterious.

— Reporter

He also gushed about the “aura” of V’s eyes, his high nose bridge, and gorgeous facial proportions.

From the side, his nose bridge is really high. To climb that nose, you’ll need a rope.

— Reporter

ARMY or not, there’s no denying that “V” stands for “visual!” Check out more from the Broker premiere here, or listen to the full interview below.