V Came out Looking like the Male Lead of a Romance Comic at BTS’s Concert in Gwangju

V with black hair and a jean jacket is absolute perfection.

Following BTS‘s world tour concert at Wembley Stadium, posts regarding V and his refreshing visuals became a hot topic of conversation in online communities.

The post includes photos of V flaunting black hair and a jean jacket while performing at the 2019 Gwangju 2019 World Aquatics Championships.

On this day, each member lit up the stage with spectacular performances, but V drew particular attention with his jean-on-jean fashion style.

V pulled off this tricky look along with straight black hair that made him look like the male lead of a romance comic.

And that’s not all. The black hairstyle made V’s distinct facial features stand out more than usual.

V is known to show off a variety of looks on stage, but this might be one of the best ones as of recently as it highlights all of the gorgeous features that fans love about him.

Check out some more photos of V looking like the male lead of a romance comic below:

Source: Insight