BTS V’s Way Of Expressing Emotion Is So Effortless We Can’t Help But Fall For Him

Who wouldn’t fall for V anyway?

Now we all know just how mesmerizing and charismatic BTS’s V can be with his flawless visuals and talent. His love and admiration for his fans is also something that just makes us love him even more!

It seems like this manner coach has fallen for V too as he showers him with compliments in regards to his capability to show emotion in a cool way.

This coach happened to be watching a concert video online of BTS performing “Answer: Love Myself” and he loved what he saw.

While the members were singing on stage in a natural and playful manner, V could be seen with his arms crossed as he lovingly stared into the crowd. “When I saw that part of the video, I felt that he looked so cool and elegant, not just as artist V but as a person.”

He then adds that he watched another concert video from them performing in Japan and he saw that V did the same thing there too. “Through these actions, I was able to see the attitude in which he treats other people.”

The way the members feel about their fans is going to be the same, but the reason why he went crazy over V’s attitude towards the fans is because it is really difficult to express your emotions and feelings visually.

If you think about it, a concert performance is one of the loudest and craziest spaces, and even in the midst of all that, it looks like V is in his own world with all the noise put to mute as he looks lovingly at his fans. It is really difficult to not be bothered by anything and focus on expressing your emotions to the people you love.

⁠— Lee Sanghwa

Of course there are a myriad of ways to express oneself and there is no right answer, but V’s special way of connecting and bonding with his fans is something that we must acknowledge and understand.

Watch the full clip below!