Here’s How BTS’s V Overcame The Difficulty Of Writing “Winter Bear” In English

“I’m not that good at English, but I wanted to write a song…for ARMY…”

In the same way that BTS kept “Dynamite” in English to reach fans all over the world, V had a similar thought when making his solo track “Winter Bear”.

Even though V mentioned that British movies like About Time inspired the track, there was another source of inspiration: ARMYs.

In Break The Silence: The Movie, V emphasized the charms of “Winter Bear” as being “very sweet” and “all in English.” There was a major problem when creating it, though.

Since BTS has a diverse fanbase, V decided to write the lyrics in a language the majority of them would understand. He said, “I’m not that good at English, but I wanted to write a song in English for ARMY all over the world.

To make the process smoother, V went with a method that many international fans are all too familiar with. V said, “I wrote the lyrics with the help of a translation tool.

If writing lyrics can be an intense and frustrating process by itself, writing it in a language you’re not fluent in would be a lot of work for anyone. BTS truly does all they can for ARMYs.