BTS V’s Wish Came True Exactly 5 Years After He Made It

2020 V achieved what 2015 V couldn’t even imagine.

In just seven years, BTS have made many, if not all, of their own wishes come true.

V made one of these wishes during the shooting for BTS Now 3, a DVD and travel photobook set filmed in Chicago.

While waiting for his turn to take photos, V sent a video letter to his future self.

| BTS Now 3 DVD

He wanted to know what Future V is up to, what life for him is like.

| BTS Now 3 DVD

“I must be successful in a year, right?” he said.

| BTS Now 3 DVD

V’s words were prophetic, in a way, because 2015-2016 marked BTS’s mainstream breakthrough. After their wildly successful album WINGS was released in October 2016, BTS’s sales continued to rise, and the music world took notice of their growing success.

Like the rest of his members, V became successful long before 2020, but the wish he made on July 20, 2015 came true in an extra special way on July 20, 2020.

Exactly five years after V made his wish, he achieved No.1s in 109 countries on the iTunes Charts, becoming the first and only artist to do so.

Fans couldn’t be prouder of V, past and present, and all that he has achieved.