BTS’s V Had A WTF Reaction To These Suga Photo Edits

V encountered Suga’s chic twin on Weverse.

If anybody knows exactly what goes on in the BTS fandom, it’s V!

In his free time, V checks out ARMY posts on Weverse. These posts can be heartwarming, whacky, thirsty, or anything in between, so V’s Weverse browsing often has hilarious results!

Fans often share photo edits on Weverse, including edits of hairstyles they’d love BTS’s members to try out.

One fan shared two hair edits of Suga showing off his imaginary undercut. This undercut makes him look chic and intimidating!

V’s first reply sounded confused, and maybe a little afraid! “..who. are you…” he wrote.

V’s follow up comment translates to “let go of me for a second..”, but the tone is more like, “OKAY WHOA HOLD ON A MINUTE!” or “EXCUSE ME I SAID WHO IS THIS!”. In short: WTF.