BTS’s V Wants To Get Yeontan A Friend, But His Parents Have Different Opinions With Each Other

Jungkook has a feeling about how V’s father would react.

BTS‘s V loves his dog, Yeontan, dearly, and he recently spoke about his wish for Yeontan, as well as the “dilemma” about it.

BTS’s V and his dog, Yeontan

At 2021 FESTA, V shared that he wants to get Yeontan a friend (another dog).


When V shared this with his parents, they had different opinions. V’s mother would love to get Yeontan a friend, but V’s father preferred to have only Yeontan.


Jungkook believes that V’s father might think like this now, but if another dog is brought home, he’s going to love it!


Here’s the full video below!