BTS’ V Deperately Wanted to Ask Jungkook and Jimin This Question

Pick between the two. Yes or yes?

BTSV captured the hearts of his fans once more with his adorable reaction.

At the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards, BTS was seen enjoying TWICE‘s “Yes or Yes”.

What caught the attention of fans was how much V was enjoying the performance.

As soon as TWICE’s “Yes or Yes” came on, he got into the groove himself.

When it got to the chorus, V tapped Jungkook and asked, “Yes or yes?” while following along with the choreography.

He then turned to Jimin and asked him the same question.

His face was full of playful and cute charm.

However, Jungkook and Jimin just nodded calmly as if they were used to V’s playfulness.

V didn’t mind their lukewarm reactions and danced to the song one more time.

In the end, his fellow members couldn’t help but laugh at his lovable charm.

Check out the clip below starting at 11:30: