This 8Bit YouTube Cover of BTS’s “IDOL” Made To Look Like A Video Game Is Going Viral

Ready Player One?

If you’ve ever wondered what BTS would look in 8-bit, then your wish has been granted.


YouTube user DarnuTube has created a series of imaginative K-Pop cover videos that look and sound just like real 8-bit video games.


DarnuTube uses classic game graphics to turn your favourite BTS songs, like “IDOL”, into “levels” in a fictional video game.


These levels feature a ton of genius details taken from each music video the cover is based on. During J-Hope‘s part, for example, inflatables from the “IDOL” MV can be seen in the background.


Throughout the video, each BTS character runs a gauntlet of musical bars in time to the music, jumping up when the notes are higher, and down when they are lower.


When lyrics change from member to member, the character flashes white then becomes the next character who matches the currently singing/rapping member.


From the visual Easter eggs to the electronic sounds, everything about DarnuTube’s videos will make you say, “shut-up and take my money”. If these covers became playable games, they would be bestsellers!


DarnuTube has also created popular video game covers for BLACKPINK




Red Velvet, and many more!


To “play” the “IDOL” video game, just press “start”!