This Fanmade BTS Vinyl Record Is Everything We Want, And More

This fan received a vinyl with all her favorite BTS songs on it.

Recently, BTS retro edits have been all the rage, but it doesn’t get more retro than this: a BTS song mix — on vinyl!


This past Valentine’s Day, Reddit user nihilistickitten (Angie) received this one of a kind BTS gift from her girlfriend, Brooke. The cover for this mix, entitled A+B Luv Affair, references BTS’s Skool Luv Affair album. The names of all 7 BTS members are printed at the top of the cover, along with a picture of BTS’s original logo.


At the bottom is the list of songs that make up the mix.


The back of the cover features lines from Angie’s favorite BTS songs. The first 6 lines are from “Serendipity”, one is from “Boy in Luv”, and the final line is from “Best of Me”.


Perhaps, one day Big Hit Entertainment will make retro fantasies come true by releasing an official series of BTS’s vinyl records!


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