BTS’s V Misses Seeing ARMYs In-Person So Much It’s Heartbreaking

ARMYs are his true happiness.

On June 9, BTS‘s V held an hour long live stream through their BANGTANTV YouTube channel and updated fans on what’s been going on with him. He also hinted to fans that he will try his best to release a mix tape by the end of this year.

Not long after, he visited Weverse and posted a photo with a short caption.

“I miss ARMYs rather than doing this.”

In the photo, he is seen wearing a simple white shirt and killing it with his visuals like always.

Fans who saw his live stream and his Weverse post, left comments on how much they had missed him and was glad that he came online to talk to them.

“Me too me too I spent all night thinking about you Taehyung. I miss you. I want to show you ARMYs and support you.”

To this post, V responded, “I truly want to talk to you all looking at your eyes instead of through text.”

Another fan expressed just how happy she was to see him on live stream. “Do you know how happy I was yesterday?”

V’s response was truly heartbreaking. “I want to be happy too.”

V’s response to the fans showed just how much he missed ARMYs and how badly he wanted to do a concert and be on stage so that he could see ARMYs face to face. While fans are able to enjoy V through some sort of live stream or video, V and the BTS members aren’t able to physically see ARMYs unless it is a live concert. Fans hope that they will be able to see each other in person very, very soon!