This Hidden Detail In BTS’s “The Voice” Performance Is Warming Fans’ Hearts

Only the most eagle-eyed viewers spotted this.

BTS and The Voice added a tiny, yet special, detail to “Boy With Luv” that was easily missed by most viewers.


On May 21, BTS’s pre-recorded stage aired on The Voice‘s finale. Dressed in chic suits, BTS dazzled viewers with one of their best “Boy With Luv” performances yet.


A neon “LOVE” sign and purple-pink lights personalized the stage, along with screens flashing flowers and the word “BOY”. There’s another detail though that some lucky ARMYs were able to bring home with them.


During the final chorus, confetti filled the air until BTS and their dancers were nearly obscured. Viewers watching from home may not have noticed that each piece of confetti was heart-shaped and matched BTS’s theme perfectly!


See their legendary stage here: