BTS V’s Dog Tannie Is The Most Handsome Pupper You’ve Ever Seen

V is the proudest dog dad.

BTS‘s V once showed off how he’s a proud dad and posted a photo with his dog, Tannie, on Weverse! The two are seen posing at their dinner table, with a glass of wine next to then. Look how cute the two look!

The caption that followed the post calls for his two of his members, Jungkook and Jin, to look at the photo. Apparently, Tannie got a hair cut, and he wanted his other dads to notice.

Jungkook-ah, Seokjin-hyung, look at this! Tannie got a hair cut!

He then comments under the post, telling fans to look at the photo. He’s the proudest dog dad, and with a dog as adorable as Tannie, ARMYs understand why!

He then made another post, telling fans to look at the post below the new one! It seems like he wants ARMY to check it out. So, have you?

Look at the post below this.

He then reiterated the news, because just in case you didn’t know, Tannie got a haircut! And he is officially the cutest dog in K-Pop!