BTS V’s Fashion Has Come A Surprisingly Long Way Since His Debut

BTS V‘s fashion has come a long way since the group’s debut, and these photos will show you just how far he’s come.

When BTS was still a rookie group, V often bought affordable clothes and cut holes in them himself to make them look like designer brands. One time, he even asked his followers on Twitter for suggestions on where to cut the holes.

In 2015, Jungkook also mentioned V’s holes in his shirt, and revealed that he was the one who taught V how to cut them in the first place!

“Oh and by the way, in regards to these clothes, I think there’s a misunderstanding…  I taught V hyung how to cut his clothes and these too. I am the original everyone? Please keep that in mind nahahahahaahaahaaha #AAAblanktee”

— BTS’s Jungkook

V’s DIY fashion.

Sometimes, the shirts he made would turn out quite grungy and extremely stylish, especially when the cuts were simple and clean.

He certainly had his own fashion sense.
The huge hole on the back of his back is random but adorable.

With BTS’s international popularity growing at an incredible rate, however, V is now able to purchase all the designer brand clothes he wants. He has even earned the nickname “Human Gucci” after being spotted so often wearing the Italian brand’s outfits.

From cutting holes in his cheap shirts to a Gucci suit, V has come a long way.

Check out V’s new, luxurious fashion below:

So classy.
He can definitely pull off Gucci’s grosgrain.
You can’t go wrong with a simple layered look.
When is Gucci going to hire him as their brand ambassador?!
That jacket looks incredibly expensive.
V even received a Gucci jacket as a gift by a fan page!