BTS V’s Perfect Facial Symmetry Receives Recognition from Online Communities

V’s face is a work of art.

Recently, a photo of BTS‘s V that demonstrate his perfect facial symmetry has been shared in online communities allowing for this handsome face to get the recognition it deserves.

In the shared photo, V’s eyes, nose, and lips appear to have established the most perfect harmony, making him look like a literal piece of art.

Despite having monolids, V still manages to flaunt big eyes as well as a high nose bridge and plump lips. In particular, his face has such perfect symmetry that it almost looks unreal.

In the past, BTS has also acknowledged V’s perfect facial symmetry.

Back in 2017, the members shared a drawing of their strongest traits, and the one they picked for V was his perfect facial symmetry.

Not only do the internet as well as his fellow BTS members agree with this, but even a global entertainment site acknowledged V’s handsome face by placing him in first place as the most handsome man of 2018.

It appears that V’s stunning face is gaining more and more recognition over time, and fans can only anticipate how amazing he’ll look in the years to come.

Source: Insight