BTS V’s Puppy Yeontan Tries To Play It Smooth While Asking For A Treat

Just playing it cool.

Yeontan, BTS V‘s puppy is quite popular among ARMYs and his frequent appearances on social media are always welcomed. On May 19, V came on Weverse and posted three photos of Yeontan with captions that looked like Yeontan was talking to V.

Yeontan tries to play it smooth, acting like he’s only there for the treat, but we all know just how much he loves V! Take a look at their adorable relationship!

Yeontan cuddled in V’s arms at the airport

Yeontan’s video of him enjoying snacks go viral on social media

Like Father, Like Son

They even pose the same

The most adorable duo

#Tannie trends at number six after V posted photos of Yeontan

What’s there not to love about Yeontan and V? This duo can melt hearts with their cuteness and fans can never have enough Yeontan and V content!