BTS V’s Sweet Comments On Weverse Prove He’s Just A Soft Cuddly Bear

V is our soft bear.

BTS‘s V is known to communicate often with fans through Weverse and fans are loving his frequent visits to the app. Aside from playing games with fans, he also takes the time to read fans’ comments and leave sweet messages to them. Here are a few replies from V that show just what a sweetheart he is.

A fan wrote a handwritten letter in Korean although it wasn’t her first language in order to express her love and gratitude for V.

“Taehyung oppa I’m still not the best but I tried my best while thinking of you. You might not be able to see this but I wanted to leave this here to show my sincere heart.”

V replied with, “Thank you” and made the fan’s day with the comment.

“I am so happy just to see Taehyung visiting the app and communicating with fans. I hope that you will have an even more bright and happy day. I purple you.”


To this, V replied, “It is the communication with ARMYs that help me get through the tough times.”

“My dad’s birthday is just one day apart from J-Hope’s! Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday! J-Hope is the 18th and my dad is the 19th! (I am a female fan).”

V saw this comment and replied, “Happy birthday to your dad~ Thanks to your dad for bringing this pretty daughter into the world. I wish you only good days.”

One time, V asked fans to join him for a computer game and a fan commented that she will have to go out to a PC bang to play. V replied to her comment telling her that it was too dangerous to go out at night.

“Woah woah please it’s too dangerous at night. How about we play tomorrow instead.”

After reading a post about a fan having a hard time, V replied, “How about me? I can help you get rid of some of your hardships.”

He also reminded ARMYs to try and fall asleep without the help out medication and recommended a hot drink instead. “ARMYs if you can’t sleep don’t rely on meds~ If you can’t sleep try drinking some hot milk instead or just wait it out.”

When a fan felt discouraged after seeing so many talented ARMYs posting their work online, V commented, “I’m not someone that only looks at talent. I think doing what you love to do is the best.”

By looking at V’s visuals, you might think that he is a bit cold due to his sharp and charismatic features, but he’s actually a very sweet and caring guy that loves his fans!