BTS’s J-Hope Gave ARMY A Search And Rescue Mission — Are You Up For It?

This mission might be impossible, even for ARMY.

BTS‘s fan detectives can find almost anything, but J-Hope‘s mission might be impossible even for them!

On April 23, J-Hope and RM hosted a live broadcast where they created custom light sticks inspired by fans’ DIY ARMY Bombs.

On the same day, a fan posted photos of their own custom ARMY Bomb on Weverse. One photo shows the fan using their light stick for a BTS concert.

The other shows the aftermath. “My ‘J’ is back in Korea,” they wrote.

In reply, J-Hope sent out this directive: “Find the J!!!!”


Hear that, ARMY? The “J” must be found!

Finding the “J” in Korea is probably harder than finding a needle in a haystack, but there’s a chance it could happen. After all, ARMY found Suga‘s missing ring in Berlin!

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