BTS’s V Reacts To Reporters’ Most Fangirly Headlines About Him

These journalists are as extra as it gets, and they don’t care who knows it.

BREAKING NEWS: Reporters are madly in love with BTS‘s V!

From his K-Drama lead charisma to his incredible talent to his golden heart, V is the complete fairytale prince package. ARMYs can’t help gushing over him, but even reporters struggle to keep their inner fangirls and fanboys under control!

On Weverse, a fan posted screenshots of news articles with over the top headlines about V. These two headlines say, “BTS’s V, It’s hard for him to memorize the English word ‘handsome’ so we replaced it with ‘kim taehyung’ instead” and “BTS’s V, if you have time please work at the dentist, My mouth won’t close when I look at you”. 

Can V cure your health? According to this headline, “BTS V’s Visuals Can Help Your Eyesight Better Than Vitamins”.

These three headlines are even more over the top! “BTS, If you see the river it’s a river view, if it’s the ocean it’s an ocean view, when you see Kim Taehyung it’s ‘I Love you’”, “BTS’s V, Kim Taehyung is alright, ‘My heart is rushing’”, and “BTS Doesn’t need conditioner! Because they are ARMYs ‘prince’”. 



The post also includes funny headlines about Jungkook and Jimin. The first says, “BTS’s Jungkook, The Sun Rises In The East And Jeong Jungkook I love You Rises In My Heart”. The second is, “BTS’s Jimin, Life Is a Tragedy Up Close While Jimin’s Face Is A Big Thank You”. 

How did V react to all this hyperbolic love? With laughter…and the slightest bit of shock!

Somebody give these reporters a raise. They might be a little dramatic, but hey. They aren’t wrong!