BTS Wins Against EXO In First Facebook Live K-Pop Poll

Fans have spoken, crowning popular male group BTS as the winner of the first ever Facebook Live K-Pop Poll!

Koreaboo launched the first ever Facebook Live K-Pop Poll this week and we saw over 5,300,000 people viewing the polls! Each of the members received over 1,000,000+ total votes across Facebook.

Officially, BTS won with 175,783 votes (roughly 57.98% of the vote share). EXO received 127,393 votes (about 42.02% of the votes). However, more than 1,132,902 votes were cast for BTS on the posts of those who shared the stream! 983,491 votes were cast for EXO on posts that shared this live poll stream.

Overall, more than 4,000,000 votes were cast for the two groups!

Currently, BTS and EXO have stood out as two of the hottest groups in the K-Pop industry, with both receiving massive recognition both in Korea and overseas.

The two are also favorites to win major awards at this year’s music award shows such as the Melon Music Awards or the Mnet Asian Music Awards. 

Congratulations on BTS for winning our first poll! Which groups will be next to go head to head in our K-Pop Live Poll?