This ARMY Edited BTS’s Winter Package Photos As A K-Drama Poster And The Result Is Beautiful

ARMYs want actor V back and actor Jin to debut!

Big Hit Entertainment recently released photos of the BTS members from their winter package merchandise. The members look just as breathtaking as the scenery!

ARMYs really enjoyed seeing the photos from the winter package!

One ARMY edited the photos to make it seem like they’re posters from K-Dramas and the result is absolutely beautiful! She took Jin and V‘s individual photo and edited the logo from Goblin on it to look like a K-Drama poster!

Both Jin and V radiated actor vibes making fans want to see them starring as leads in their own dramas!

Many of her fellow ARMYs seemed to like it and so she made two more edits, but with different drama logos! She used the logo from “While You Were Sleeping” this time and the edit still looked as exciting and as beautiful!

She also made a teaser with all seven members to go along with the posters! Check out the thread below: