BTS Wishes ARMYs A Happy New Year With Heartfelt Messages

BTS wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

BTS released a video through their BANGTANTV YouTube channel on December 31st to wish fans a Happy New Year.





Each of the members took turns filming messages for their fans.




Jin: “It is the New Year now everyone! I hope that everyone succeeds in their goals and wishes in the New Year. I hope to do some more exercise in the New Year. I wasn’t able to fulfill many of my goals last year so let’s all work hard this year and reach all our goals together! Happy New Year!”





Jimin: “Hello everyone this is Jimin. Everyone did well last year and Happy New Year! We did a lot of great things together last year and I am excited for all the things we do together this year. Something I want to say to everyone is that I always want to show my best to you guys, but I feel like I am still lacking and I am sorry for that. But I am working hard and not giving up so please keep a look out. And to our ARMYs! I know that we all tried our hardest last year to be happy. I know that being happy is the hardest thing to do sometimes. But I want to let you know not to worry. The things we do together is all happiness so if you are ever not sure, just come and hang with us and let’s have a great time together. Let’s work together to make 2020 great! Happy New Year and I love you all. Thank you!”





Suga: “Hello everyone. This is Suga. What kind of year was 2019 for everyone? I had a very fierce yet happy year. They say that 2020 is the year of the white rat. What’s something good about a white rat? Anyway, it’s the year of the white rat! I hope that all your dreams and wishes come true in the New Year. It’s ok if they all don’t come true because it’s always more important getting up than falling down.”





RM: “Hello everyone. I first entered Big Hit in April of 2010. I’ve spent an entire decade just for BTS. From when I was sixteen years old to now at twenty-six, I’ve spent it all on BTS. If I take away BTS, there is nothing left in my life. I will remember this decade as being the decade of BTS. Maybe that’s why I feel refreshed yet restless for 2020 because everything from start to finish is with BTS. I always feel very lucky and blessed to have this opportunity. I’ve worked this hard this past decade in order to have lots of fun and meet all of you. As special as 2020 will be, I hope that all of you will have 20x the luck and happiness this year. I love you!”





V: “Hello everyone the New Year is here. I hope that our ARMYs will be able to fulfill their dreams that they weren’t able to reach last year in 2020. I also hope that everyone will be healthy this year as well. I hope that everyone will be happy in all that you do. Everyone did well in 2019 and let’s work hard together for 2020! Bye!”





J-Hope: “The New Year is just around the corner. The day I am filming this video it is December 26. There were so many honorable achievements made this past year and it will truly be something I will never forget. We had all of you with us during all our accomplishments and we are truly thankful for that. The New Year is the year of the rat and there is nothing much I hope for next year except for being healthy. I hope that all your dreams and goals come true. Thank you to everyone. I love you!”





Jungkook: “As the year’s go on, there are so many new things that happen. I’ve also experienced new things that I’ve never experienced before. My goal for next year is to just be healthy in mind and body. There are so many things I want to do but I really want to learn how to play the guitar. I feel like ARMYs will laugh at me for saying this because they all know me too well. I hope that all of you will just take this goal lightheartedly and just see how I progress with the guitar. I really hope that his goal of mine will go for a long time until I achieve it. Something I want to say to ARMYs is that no matter how hard things get, I know that you will get through it. I hope that you will overcome the obstacles and become a better and happier person. This is my sincere heart. Let’s walk together one step and a time and make it a great year. Fighting!”




Watch the full video below!