BTS WORLD Photographer Soorin Kim Is As Talented As She Is Gorgeous

She talked about what it was like to work with BTS.

Talent, visuals, creativity, and business savvy: Soorin Kim has it all!


This extraordinary beauty could easily be mistaken for an idol, but much of her work happens behind the scenes.

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Soorin Kim is a photographer and writer, as well the founder and creative director of the fashion brand Entre Rêves.


As a photographer, she has worked with many idols, including Sandara Park, Brand New Boys, and BTS.


Soorin Kim worked directly with BTS by taking photographs of the members for their mobile game, BTS WORLD. Recently, she posted a series of her BTS WORLD photos on Instagram…


…along with this selfie of herself with V. This explosion of visuals is almost too much to handle!

It was honor to work with BTS. They were super handsome and really nice, and [I] took this photo with V, it was the last day of long long shooting journey!

— Soorin Kim


The journey may have been long, but it was well-worth it. Without Soorin Kim’s stunning photos, BTS WORLD wouldn’t be the same!