BTS’s Worldwide Handsome Jin Gifts TXT With His Stamp Of Approval

There’s no better way to kick off TXT’s Japanese promotions.

When good looks, charisma, and confidence are wrapped into one package, it could be no one other than BTS‘s Jin. With his mere presence, he can make the internet bow down to his handsomeness.

As a notable face known all around the world, Jin paid a significant compliment to his juniors TXT.

To support their Japanese promotions for their first single album Magic Hour, BTS filmed a video message shown on Buzz Rhythm to cheer them on. That’s when Jin gave his ultimate stamp of approval.

Jin began by claiming his position as the most handsome in Big Hit Entertainment, making Jimin turn toward him. In fact, they were all smiling at his confident words.

He then got the message back on track, focusing on TXT. Jin acknowledged that he found them very handsome, causing the rest of the members to agree with him by nodding their heads.

TXT were watching the message play, Hueningkai and Beomgyu receiving the compliment well and laughing at Jin’s execution. If Mr. Worldwide Handsome is acknowledging their good looks, then they’re certainly a handsome bunch.

Watch Jin give his confident praise here along with TXT’s reactions to it.