BTS Wows The World Again With The Most Incredible “Drone Light Show” At Their Final Concert

It became an unforgettable memory for ARMYs.

During their “Mikrokosmos” performance at the world tour’s final 3-day concert held in Seoul, BTS blessed ARMYs with an unforgettable presentation of a full scale drone show.


The “Drone Light Show” organized in partnership with Intel — who also organized the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’ highly-praised Drone Light Show — mesmerized not only ARMYs who attended the concert, but also the local residents who live in Jamsil, Seoul where the Seoul Olympic Stadium is located, as well as K-Pop fans worldwide!

This is the drone show I recorded during ‘Mikrokosmos’ on the second night of the final concert. It’s sped up 4x. How beautiful! I’m so proud of Big Hit and the production staff.



The 300+ drones used in this BTS show created an astonishing visual to go with the lyrics of the group’s concert-ending song, “Mikrokosmos”.


It became an unforgettable memory for ARMYs, especially as BTS and ARMY logos appeared in the night sky and reminded them they are one always and forever!


Watch the full show here:

Source: Hankyung and THEQOO