BTS Paid a Visit to “House of BTS” and Posed to Look Just like the Figurines

The resemblance is uncanny.

BTS members recently paid a visit to the new pop-up store, House of BTS in Gangnam, Korea, and Jimin even shared photos of his experience with the adorable figurines.

Jimin captioned the photos, “So pretty“, and revealed the figurines installed within the store.


What drew particular attention was how Jimin tried to pose just like his figurine.


And the resemblance was uncanny.

Shortly afterwards, the other members shared photos of their experience at the House of BTS as well.

RM and Jungkook also attempted to resemble the figurines…

While Jin decided to pose outside near figures of BTS’s Army Bomb.

With how adorable everything looks in the photos, fans are excited to check out the new pop-up store, which will be open until January of next year.


Source: Dispatch