BTS performance was the only good performance at AMAs according to LA Times

The LA Times has officially deemed BTS’s American Music Awards performance as one of the highlights in the music scene of 2017!

According to the latest issue of LA Times, music columnist Mikael Wood believes that most of the acts were disappointing compared to all the hype that they were getting.

“Though the show’s female-dominated lineup offered a welcome respite from the year’s toxic masculinity, Sunday’s American Music Awards mostly disappointed in its individual performances.”

— Mikael Wood, LA Times

But BTS completely transformed the night with their “impressive” stage.

“One exception was a very strong showing by the Korean boy band BTS, which brought impressive precision and serious attitude to its rendition of its single “DNA.”

Singing and rapping (in Korean) over the track’s whistled hook and pulsing beat, the group’s seven members were performing as though they might not get another chance before such a large audience.”

— Mikael Wood, LA Time

The article also indicates that with more and more popularity they are receiving in the United States, BTS’s world invasion is only just beginning.

And BTS confirmed it with their plans for the next two years!

BTS is already setting schedules for 2018 and 2019

With a possible Grammy nomination, BTS has solidified their global status as international superstars.

American Music Experts discuss possibility of BTS getting a Grammy Award nomination

Fans already knew that BTS’s American Music Awards performance was sensational, but now they have proof from the experts themselves!

With their global success only seems to be started, BTS is taking over the world by storm!

Source: LA TIMES