These Are BTS’s Favorite Things To Say In English

BTS appeared on Z100 New York with DJ Maxwell where they talked about, among other things, their current favorite English words and phrases.

When DJ Maxwell asked the members to reveal their favorite words, Suga decided to try flattery and said “Maxwell”.

J-Hope followed “toilet”, making every laugh out loud.

Jin likes to eat, so when he chose “refrigerator”, no one was surprised.

Jimin, being the keener that he is, loved the English word “yippee” so much he even Tweeted its definition to all their followers.

RM’s favorite word at the moment is “lituation”, which is a portmanteau of the words “lit” and “situation” meaning a lit (awesome) situation.

V should never be left hungry given that his favorite word is “hangry”, while Jungkook likes the phrase “hella lit”.

At the end of the interview, Maxwell asked the BTS members to make a “Sexy Skype Face”, and it has been making. ARMYs’ hearts flutter ever since.

Watch the full clip below to hear them say their favorite words: