BTS’s Fresh Visuals Lands Them A Contract With Vitamin Brand ‘Lemona’

They believe BTS will help them expand to a wider global market.

On October 7, Lemona, a vitamin brand manufactured by Kyung Nam Pharm, announced that they have signed a brand model deal with K-Pop group BTS.

They revealed their plans to expand to a wider global market through their marketing work with BTS.

Director Lim Do Hyung, who is in charge of the brand model deal, stated:

We will do our best to pursue a variety of promotions and produce advertisements with BTS. Through our contract with them, we will actively expand to overseas markets and make Lemona a top global vitamin brand.

– Director Lim Do Hyung

He continued by saying they will release more products with BTS.

We plan on releasing not only existing Lemona products with BTS but also a Lemona vitamin drink. We believe our drink will completely change the vitamin drink market.

– Director Lim Do Hyung

Source: Naver