BTS’s Influence Turned Mattel Into A Social Media Success Story Overnight

Mattel proved the power of BTS as influencers.

On March 18th, toy brand Mattel teased their BTS line of dolls and proved how much of a profound effect influencers can have on brand value.

According to data analytics experts Thinknum, Mattel saw a 44.32% growth in their Twitter followers during the month of March. This level of growth topped any other brand over 100,000 followers that the company tracks during the month of March.

Attributing this growth to BTS’s influence makes sense when we look at the numbers. Mattel’s post teasing the BTS dolls on March 18th has over 50,000 retweets. The post immediately before that about a different toy line, has just 34 retweets.

The only other time Mattel received such a flood of followers was in January when they announced the dolls in the first place.

It is likely that Mattel will struggle to maintain this growth as they continue with non-BTS endeavours. Many of the followers they gained are only there for BTS and aren’t interested in the company’s other toy lines and will unfollow as a result. If Mattel can retain just a fraction of these followers then it should be considered a success.

Source: Thinknum