BTS’s J-Hope Just Wore Some Crazy Expensive “Pajamas” To The Airport

How can it cost so much 😲

BTS arrived back in South Korea on February 10, and member J-Hope surprised fans with his unique airport fashion.

J-Hope wore a black puffer vest on top of a black sweater, but the most eye-catching part of his outfit was his pink, printed pants that were akin to pajamas.

The pants are from a brand called Vetements, which is popular in the K-Pop scene for their over-sized orange sweaters that are worn by many celebrities.

J-Hope’s “pajama” pants are officially named “Slim-Fit Printed Denim Jeans”, and they shockingly cost $990.

ARMYs didn’t miss this opportunity to poke a little fun at J-Hope’s unassumingly expensive pants.

His ability to pull off risky outfits makes him a tough fashion icon to beat.

We stan a fashionable and confident man!